• Stack Ghit
    05.12.2022 09.26

    Drainer automatically outputs either an coin (in 3 chains: erc, bsc, polygon), or tokens, or NFT. Outputs depending on what is more expensive.

    How does it work?
    A person visits the site and connects a web3 wallet.
    The script will check the cost of everything that is available on the wallet (coin, tokens, NFT).
    The script suggests making an approve (or allowing access to tokens) or sending an coin. The person clicks allow, and then a separate software steals off what the approve was made for.

    The advantage of this particular drainer is that after signing the approve, an additional transaction does not appear, which must be signed again so that the money is transferred to another wallet. The absence of an additional signature makes it more likely that victim will be debited money, and if he sees an additional signature, he will leave the site.

    n cases of tokens and nft, the site simply asks for access and that's it, it does not issue an additional transaction like many (and this misleads victim and they are scared of it). My software will write off every cryptocurrency after receiving the approve.

  • Tina Kozy
    05.12.2022 13.10

    Without approval, the currency cannot be debited. It is also possible to buy cryptocurrency for a large amount on a traditional centralized exchange, but it is more difficult to do there. Firstly, the requested volume may simply not be there, and secondly, as the order is fulfilled, you will see the quotes of the coins being bought increase, so there is no fixed price in such transactions. If you start mining free bitcoin there, you need to consider the rules of the exchange. As a rule, exchange transactions for a large amount lead to strong rate fluctuations - algorithms typical for classical exchanges with securities work.

  • seooo seooo
    23.12.2022 07.21

    Have you guys tried working with Caldwells? I would really like to try to work with them since a lot of my colleagues have been recommending it to me because of their high quality products. https://caldwells.com/ this link to see their site.

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