• Stack Ghit
    30.11.2022 09.18

    I own an Anet A8 printer and I printed some modifications. I will soon try out the Bowden extruder mount which I recently purchased.

    Besides that, I also run a cryptocurrency and I'd like to share it with crypto enthusiasts. I know 3dprintingforum has a Marketplace and I also created a marketplace where any creative person can post their creations for free online and anyone can use Hilux to purchase it. Anyway feel free to check it out yourself if you are interested. Here it is:

  • Tina Kozy
    30.11.2022 10.14

    Do you print 3D Coins on a printer?

  • Rian Watt
    30.11.2022 10.43

    Dude, he's not selling or printing anything anymore. Look at the marketplace of his creation. First, it's old, and second, it's no longer relevant. I think he didn't print it on a printer, but created individual modifications of the coins and gave them an unusual design. Then he put them on the marketplace and tried to sell them. I don't see any other explanation for this message. But if you are interested in bitcoins or alternative crypto, you can look them up elsewhere. Being an affiliate broker I can say that you can pick up something more recognizable and profitable. Don't be tempted, especially since cryptocurrency is something else. The guy decided to create an image of nft digital design so you can use it and sell something of your own. For example, write a script or a song, encrusting everything with digital rights using technology

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