• Loy Bosco
    26.08.2022 10.39

    I need to develop a program for the settlement and accommodation of guests in my hotel complex. But I don't understand anything about software development. Can I hire developers for this task?

  • Филипп Гуликов
    26.08.2022 11.57

    Of course, you can do this, it will be the best option in such a situation, and the sooner you contact specialists, the sooner this work will end and it will be more convenient for people to work with your application. But it's better not to delay this matter, because your competitors most likely already have a similar function in applications, if any. You should have thought about this earlier, because if you have your own application, then this is one of the most important functions

  • Maksim Gilonov
    26.08.2022 12.26

    Yes, you can do it, you need to find people as soon as possible who will do it for you, because such a program will be very effective for your application, you can also adjust some nuances so that your application works even faster and is even more comfortable

  • Stanly Evans
    27.08.2022 06.30
  • Vlad Yamek
    27.08.2022 07.32

    Well, if the hotel complex has a thousand beds, then of course you need a program that will control the availability of vacancies. You need to find a company that develops applications or IT technologies.

  • Maksim Gilonov
    27.08.2022 07.51

    It's a little different here, it's not about the number, but about the settlement, because with the application it will be much easier to check into a hotel than to come in person and check in, because in such a situation there may be a problem with free rooms and there's nothing you can do, you'll have to look for new housing

  • sdjsrtj shrtjfgxjxmf
    17.09.2022 19.10

    I want to know a little about the discovery phase, who can tell me something useful about it, I would be very interested to know

  • popa pipa
    18.09.2022 20.15

    You know, everything is not so simple with commercial projects, it’s not enough just to create a commercial business, you need to present it correctly, and therefore this article describes the project discovery phase. Which you will need if you want to find more customers for your business project, you should read the tips and use it in creating your personal business project

  • Sofiia Sovchenko
    16.01.2023 07.48

    You can read in detail about the software development team here, and at the same time, the same company can help you build a development team.

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