• Edgar Goyette
    18.07.2022 12.06

    Currently, online sales are developing more actively than ever before. The reasons for the rapid popularity of trading web resources lie both in the global situation and in the human factor. People quickly get used to comfort. Why go shopping and spend a lot of time on the road to them when you can go to the site and buy the right product in a few clicks.


    And here a key task arises for the business - the presentation of products online. The development of an online store will help to solve it effectively. And nothing else.


    Magento is an open source engine built on the Zend Framework and written in PHP with MySQL. Its functioning is provided by the UNIX operating system. An online store on Magento captivates users with its attractiveness and simplicity, and developers with its flexibility and functionality.

  • Loy Bosco
    20.07.2022 09.31

    Magento is an open source e-commerce software created by the company. Varien Inc. which is useful for online business. It has a flexible modular architecture. It is scalable and has many management options that help the user to create both user friendly and search engine friendly sites.

  • Justin Barnes
    20.07.2022 19.09

    That's for sure. Online stores are convenient to use. There is no need to go anywhere and stand in line. If the online store has an app, it's generally super)) Smartphones today are like a computer in your pocket. You can even program.

  • valensio more
    24.07.2022 18.37

    here I completely agree with you guys .. firstly, online shopping has long entered our lives and now few people imagine how we lived without it 20 years ago .. then the Internet and the presence of a computer did their job and we are already buying something on the Internet ..and as Justin Barnes rightly noted, now we have computers in our carmen..online trading has reached a new level, namely mobile applications..now there are many companies that develop applications, for example: https://dinarys.com/magento-mobile-app

    and not only, someone just writes an application, someone gives the whole range of services up to hosting and further support .. but on how well and quickly the content is served to us by end users, we only win .. and sitting in the subway, let's scroll through the shop and we are looking for, for example, what we will have dinner tonight .. or we order a bouquet of flowers for a friend .. yes, anything .. as they say the whole world is in your pocket ..-)

  • Piter_ 90
    24.07.2022 17.43

    According to some customers, magento has a very user-friendly admin interface. I agree with their opinion. Indeed, Magento's backend is excellent. After spending a little time, the user will be able to perform basic actions without looking for help.

  • Karl_ Karl_
    24.07.2022 18.11

    Online sales are a convenient format of interaction for both buyers and sellers. For the former, it removes geographic barriers (you can buy from other cities or even countries) and saves time searching for and paying for the right product.

  • faisal faisal
    14.09.2022 05.47

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  • farhan set
    03.01.2023 20.25

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  • farhan set
    17.01.2023 13.33

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  • farhan set
    18.01.2023 02.06

    This parabolic mirror discards visual defects like spherical aberration so it presents significantly sharper views. Best Reflector Telescope

  • farhan set
    08.02.2023 07.53

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