• Edgar Goyette
    18.07.2022 11.53

    To be able to provide product development services (PDS), a supplier company must gain experience and knowledge in business analysis, project management, Product Ownership and knowledge of the industries (domains) in which customers operate.


    Therefore, on PDS projects, as a rule, there are the roles of the Project Manager, Product Owner, Architect, Heads of Directions (QA Lead, DevOps Lead, etc.). In some cases, these roles may complement or mirror the corresponding client-side roles. In other cases, these roles are positioned as supplier-side roles, the customer only formulates the business problem. The vendor himself turns it into requirements, helps with market analysis, builds architecture, development and quality control process, etc.


    In addition, the company gets the opportunity to create competence centers and domain practices. People in them may not work within a specific project or group of projects. The main task of practices and competence centers is to acquire and develop knowledge in specific areas. For example, medicine, automotive, e-commerce, banking (Health Care, Automotive, e-Commerce, Finance and Banking)

  • Justin Barnes
    19.07.2022 07.21

    It is true that you need a lot of experience and knowledge to provide services. But it is not necessary for software developers to know about medicine or any other business, for example. You draw up the terms of reference with the customer to develop the application and that's all. They agree and start working))

  • Stanly Evans
    19.07.2022 14.10

     PDS means, first of all, a change of mind. Mature companies understand that in addition to fulfilling technical tasks, they can provide their knowledge, experience and advice. There is an evolution from performers to thinkers, and then to technology partners of the client. An evolution towards being responsible for the product, not just the watch.


  • Mirusa Serko
    20.07.2022 06.29

    I followed your link, looked, I am pleased that the programmers have expanded their capabilities at times. I will definitely contact this company to create a site from scratch, I have something to offer people and I will look forward to the finished product, I hope with a beautiful design and the correct arrangement of things that I will give for publication...

  • Edgar Goyette
    20.07.2022 07.44

    When products and projects are managed on the supplier's side, this means not only freedom, but also full responsibility for the delivery of the software product, including compliance with deadlines, budgets and quality levels. Therefore, the responsibility for quality lies with the supplier.

  • Stanly Evans
    20.07.2022 08.54

    In PDS projects, the company still makes more money with more people. But it becomes a side effect. The source of income is an intellectual product. It can take many forms, such as higher hourly rates for engineers with higher qualifications and/or additional industry and business knowledge.

  • Dewi Clements
    08.08.2022 11.56

     The primary business benefits of digital product development services are speed of innovation. In many enterprises, digital product engineering can be too time-intensive to compete in an environment that requires speed and agility in sustained innovation to engage customers. With effective digital product development services, an organization can quickly develop prototypes for user testing.

  • Tomas Ivchuk
    05.12.2022 09.58

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